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The birth of our Beloved صلي الله عليه و سلم

Posted by Abd Al Mustafa on Friday 30th March, 2007

milad-un-nabihouse.gifThere has come to you a messenger from among yourselves, grievous to him is your suffering, anxious is he over you and towards the believers he is kind and compassionate. (Al-Quran, 9:128)

The birth of our Master, the noble Messenger, occurred on the forenoon ( **or in the early morning according to another view/opinion**) of Monday, 12th of Rabī’u-l’Awwal, which coincided with the 20th or 21st of April. That is why April rains have always been blessed, refreshing and a cause of prosperity. On the eve of our Master’s birth, the Ka’ba split in two.

The Quraysh were terrified by this occurrence and offered many explanations of it. Some of them suggested that it was due to the fact that the venerable Āmina’s father had gone to the eternal world that night. For Wahb ibn ‘Abd Manāf, the maternal grandfather of the venerable Messenger, was a revered figure among the Arabs.

News of his death was spreading in Mecca on the eve of the Prophet’s birth.While Quraysh were involved in these discussions, they heard a voice from…………click here to read on 

Miraculous Events Attending the Blessed Prophet’s Birth

muhammad.gifNot only the idols in the Ka’ba but all the idols in the world fell on their faces and were broken on the eve of our Master’s birth. On that night the fires of the Magians were totally extinguished for the first time in a thousand years, leaving not a trace of heat. Lake Sava disappeared into the earth leaving not a trace of water behind. It seemed as though a sudden heatware had made it all evaporate.

Nothing but dust arose when people walked across it.Fourteen of the twenty-two battlements of Chosroes’ palace collapsed. The throne of Anushirwan, the Persian emperor, also collapsed that night. A terrible fear possessed him and when morning came, he assembled all his astrologers, diviners and soothsayers. “I had a terrible dream last night.” he said. “Interpret it for me.” When the soothsayers asked him about what he had seen, Anushirwan replied, “I shall not tell you what I saw. You must tell me, otherwise I shall not believe your interpretation.” They told him that this was beyond their power and said: “There is a diviner in Bahrayn, by the name of Rabir ibn Rabi’a; ask him.”Anushirwan then sent one of his men, called ‘Abd al-Masih, to this diviner, who had not a single bone in his body.

They called him “Flat Man” because he always lay on a board. He could not sit up, having no bones at all apart from his skull. He was very old. That Flat Man was a scholar who had studied all the heavenly scriptures. He was also an expert in the science of divination.Once each year they would put him upon a sheet of gold and take him out to hear him give his predictions for the coming year. They would write down his prophecies and commit them to memory. The “Flat Man” Interprets the Emperor’s Dream  


The Celebration

In the month of Rabi’al-awwal then

On the twelfth, the night of Monday, look,

When the best of mankind was born-

O what marvels did his mother see!………………………….…………………………………………………………………………………………………………

Welcome, O Mercy for the worlds!

Welcome, O intercessor for the sinner!

Only for you were Time and Space created………….read full here

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