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Archive for April 9th, 2007

Mustafa Jaane Rahmat Peh Laako Salaam

Posted by Abd Al Mustafa on Monday 9th April, 2007

alahazratdome3f.jpgSalaam on our beloved prophet صلي الله عليه و سلم   by Ala Hazrat Imam Ahmad Rida (RA)

Wheresoever it fell, Life itself was revived
Peace be upon that life-bestowing gaze

Whom did he see? Let someone enquire of Moses
Peace be upon the courage of one with such eyes!

Those ears which can hear from both near and from afar
Peace be upon that mine: rubies of charismata!……..continue reading here.

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The name of our beloved صلي الله عليه و سلم in the sky

Posted by Abd Al Mustafa on Monday 9th April, 2007

the-name-muhammadsawin-the-sky.jpgThe name of our beloved صلي الله عليه و سلم appeared in the sky during the largest mawlid an-nabawi صلي الله عليه و سلم conference in the world organised by minhajul quran in pakistan on the 12th rabi’ul awwal there. subhanallahi wa bihamdihi subhanallahil azeem.

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The Story of Dala’il al-Khayrat by shaykh nuh

Posted by Abd Al Mustafa on Monday 9th April, 2007

dalail-al-khayratundated.jpgImam Ahmad al-Sawi relates that one day Jazuli went to perform his ablutions for the prescribed prayer from a nearby well but could not find any means to draw the water up. While thus perplexed, he was seen by a young girl who called out from high above, “You’re the one people praise so much, and you can’t even figure out how to get water out of a well?” So she came down and spat into the water, which welled up until it overflowed and spilled across the ground. Jazuli made his ablutions, and then turned to her and said, “I adjure you to tell me how you reached this rank.” She said, “By saying the Blessings upon him whom beasts lovingly followed as he walked through the wilds (Allah bless him and give him peace).” Jazuli thereupon vowed to compose the book of Blessings on the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) which came to be known as his Dala’il al-Khayrat or “Waymarks of Benefits.” ………….read more…here.

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