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Archive for April 11th, 2007

Qasida in praise of the Prophet صلي الله عليه و سلم

Posted by Abd Al Mustafa on Wednesday 11th April, 2007

[qasida, attributed to Hasan ibn Thabit (RA).] 

When I saw his light shining forth,

In fear I covered my eyes with my palms,

Afraid for my sight because of the beauty of his form.

So I was scarcely able to look at him at all.

The lights from his light are drowned in his light, Read on……..

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Shaykh Al-Yaqoubi…Brum Apr’07

Posted by Abd Al Mustafa on Wednesday 11th April, 2007

08042007007.jpgWhat a character, what a personality! shaykh yaqoubi is an outstanding scholar of ahlus sunnah. he has captured my heart. I yearn for his next suhba, darse, lecture.

we witnessed this weekend, sunnies, deobundies & salafies all under one roof taking lessons from this great person. Nobody cared where they were or who was sitting next to them, all that mattered was that they were in the company of shaykh. Read the rest of this entry »

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