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  • April 2007
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Deobandi Blogs

Posted by Abd Al Mustafa on Tuesday 24th April, 2007

I have visited many deobundi blogs, some of which are very informative (those on fiqhi issues) and some are disgraceful. But overall they are all obsessd with one thing and one thing only, which is trying to prove that Imam Ahmad Rida (RA) was wrong in his fatwa on their forefathers & trying to degrade this great character.

If the deobandi elders were so innocent, then why after almost a hundred years they are still “trying” to have the names of these individuals cleared. why after all these years deobandi alims are being sent to settle in the arab world by their teachers in order to try and win over the arab shuyukh and cover up the actual events back in the days of their akabir.? we don’t see barelwi’s doing this, maybe they have nothing to cover up or hide.

yes! there are barelwi’s out there continually bringing up the issue and repeating the incidents over and over again. But the deobundies are somewhat using fabrications in their campaign, made-up, falsified texts are being used in attempts to degrade and discredit the great Imam of ahlus sunnah. If they are so innocent, why then are they so concerned.? If they are truly innocent people will find out eventually, there’s no need to falsify books. No need to alter the books of your elders as often as the new testament.

you see deobundi brothers running blogs which are filled with tales and stories from the books of their own elders, and which they are presenting as evidences to discredit Imam Ahmad Rida (RA). seem’s a bit silly to me, using my own words to discredit my opponent – won’t stand up in any court…..what’s worse is when all these incidents are simply made-up and put into books. And these stories and tales are used to decide their (hardcore tablighi’s) manhaj.

It seems to the deobundies that their elders are such individuals for whom it is impossible to be wrong and impossible for whom to lie or make things up, yet they expect people to believe that Imam Ahmad Rida (RA) can lie and has lied. They express their disgust towards those who bad mouth their akabir yet you find the same individuals bad mouthing Imam Ahmad Rida (RA), they talk about adab and how to speak when a scholar is concerned and about husn e dhan, yet the same individuals use the most appauling manner when it comes to Imam Ahmad Rida (RA), do i sense hypocrisy.?

Deobandies have always been known to preach one thing and practice another! Deobandi bloggers also quote a lot from the autobiographies of their elders which then becomes a type of sunnah for the deobandi followers (the sunnah of the deobandi elders). Just like the actions and sayings of our beloved s.a.w. becomes an example for all muslims to follow, it seems like the text in deobandi autobiographies become some sort of sunnah (hadith) for them.

Deoband is not a madhaab or is it..?? looks like it has become one. A brother put up an article titled “why do you adhere to the deobandi school.?” but sadly, that still does not justify the practice of adhering to the school as if it were a madhaab. shall we start saying that there are five madhaabs in sunni islam..? or there can be many madhaabs within each madhaab.

Another thing commonly found on deo blogs is the publicizing of the dreams of their elders, infact from searching the deobandi sites and blogs, i don’t think there has ever been any deobandi alim living or dead who hasn’t had a dream where our beloved  صلي الله عليه و سلم has not appeared.

If you ask me, its a cheap trick to fool the common folk into thinking how great these individuals are.

A true incident: my mate studied at kidderminster darul uloom, he said that one of the madarris there once told everyone that he had seen the prophet صلي الله عليه و سلم  in his dream. what he dreamt is not important, but the fact that it is a common habit of deobandi alims to claim of such dreams.

when i was a young lad, i once heard some one say ” the deobandi’s, they have a lot of dreams” back then i knew not what a deobandi was nor a brelvi nor of the dispute. But that comment stuck in my head. When i eventually became aware of this conflict i realised what that person was saying. And now it makes even more sense, as i constantly read of how the deobundi ulama dreamt this and dreamt that etc.

I can expect deo bloggers to hammer me with insult as soon as i post this, but these guys will be the same bloggers who are constantly bad mouthing Imam Ahmad Rida (RA). The truth always hurts if you have anything to hide.

Another thing i’ve noticed is that, if you mention Imam Ahmad Rida (RA), then you’re automatically a brelvi, if you praise him in any way then you’re a hardcore blind following brelvi, according to deo bloggers.

I would rank among the giant stars (of islamic scholarship) the Hafiz Muhammad ibn Ja`far al-Kattani, the Hafiz Badr al- Din al-Hasani – both were Damascene Morrocans – and Imam Ahmad Rida Khan….comment by a non-indo/pak scholar.

5 Responses to “Deobandi Blogs”

  1. Ibrahim said

    I can’t say i agree with you 100% but i do agree with some of your criticism.
    Abd Al Mustafa: sure, i do not expect people to agree with me on everything but why not share with us that which you do agree with. And i wouldn’t call it criticism but more like my experience & findings.

  2. Taymullah said

    I’m not a Deobandi, but I’m slightly disgusted by your writing. Deobandis are Ahl as-Sunnah and they are recognized as such by many leading non-pak/indian scholars. Have you read Shaykh Nu Ha Mim Keller’s refutation of Raza Khan’s takfir fatwas? Read Iman, Kufr and Takfir on! Also note that Muhammad Alawi al-Maliki, the prominent Sunni scholar from Arabia, had an Ijaza from Shaykh Muhammad Zakariya Kandhalawi, the Tablighi Deobandi. And Pir Karam Shah, a leading Barelwi scholar, had an ijaza through Maulana Gangohi, who Raza Khan made takfir on. So Pir Karam Shah openly disagreed with Raza Khan’s fatwas of kufr on the “deo” scholar.

    Abd Al Mustafa: shaykh nuh, now why am i not surprised his name came up. see here:

    As for shaykh alawi (r.a.) and pir karam shah (r.a.) well may be this comment by shaykh gibril haddad should give you a better understanding of that – “It is important to know that such certificates do not constitute endorsement of all the teacher’s views by the student, nor vice- versa. For example, Shaykh Muhammad `Alawi has certificates from the Barelwi Shuyukh, from Imam Ahmad Rida Khan, and he also has certificates from the very Deobandis whom the latter considered outside the pale of Ahl al-Sunna wal-Jama`a. I have heard from Shaykh `Abd al-Hadi al-Qadiri of South Africa, the Khalifa of Shaykh Mustafa the son of Imam Ahmad Rida Khan, that Sayyid Muhammad `Alawi told him the certificate of hadith transmission necessitates no detailed endorsement of `aqida”.

    did i say deobandies were not ahlus sunnah..? Only a deobandi would address Imam Ahmad Rida (RA) as simply Raza Khan while addressing a deobandi shaykh as Shaykh Muhammad Zakariyya Khandalawi in the same post.

    I wasn’t expecting deobandies to welcome this post with open arms, and i do not intend to go into the brlwi/deo conflict so plz do not make me go that way.

  3. Haris said

    Assalaam Alaykum brother………………..How can u lead the ummah, when u are preoccupied with degrading someone’s position.

    There are many things to say my brother, but i know u’ll bring some lame reason or excuse for all or maybe even forged evidences.

    [Abd Al Mustafa] – wa alaikum as salaam my dear brother, you have said a lot, most of which is the usual deobandi barkings which i have not published simply becoz, truly it is a waste of time to answer your rants. However the comment highlighted above…………is somewhat quite interesting. A deobandi is worried about people degrading someone else’s position. maybe you should go look into the history of your ulema and see if you can convince yourself that trying to degrade the status of the master of mankind (saw) is a filthy act that no muslim can bring himself to do.? you say ”
    how can you lead the ummah when you are preoccupied with degrading others” to that i would say “how can one call himself a muslim when they can comfortably say or accept words that are disrespectful to the status of al-mustafa(saw)”

    Don’t forget how knowledgeable iblis was, and iblis too was trying to defend the tawheed. As for forgeries and evidences, deobandies are well known for it. there was this one deo blogger who made all his posts up from forgeries and heresays from the books of other deobandi ulema, which he expected people to accept as evidences………..he soon vanished!!
    see this also,

  4. Samir Allybader Qadri said

    salam ‘alaykum sidi abd al-mustafa :

    i would like to ask :

    does this mean you disagree with Imam Ahmad Rida (r)’s fatwa ?


    – sameer


    i don’t mean to offend or hurt you in any way!

    [Abd Al Mustafa] – i do not see anything in the post that indicates any sign of a for or against the fatwa.

  5. Samir Allybader Qadri said

    May Allah bless you Sidi

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