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Scholars of Islam

Posted by Abd Al Mustafa on Thursday 26th April, 2007

scholars.jpgThe muslim youth of today are actually starting to educate themselves in the sciences of the Quran and Hadith, but they lack one thing which can be crucial and very benefitting. This is the knowledge of who the scholars of islam were and how much their research and fatwas are worth in importance for the muslims of today.

The majority of us know Imam Abu Hanifa (RA), but likewise there are a high number of us who know nothing else about this great imam who was given the title AL-IMAM Al-AZAM (The greatest Imam). A lot of us do not know how much he contributed to islamic scholarship, and for muslims of the future.

How many of us know of other great imams of that era.?? Many of us know about the four great imams, and then we know about the great hadith scholars and then if we are barelwi orientated we know of barelwi scholars and if we are deobandi we know of deobandi scholars, but there remains a great big gap in between the era of of imam abu hanifa, the scholars of  hadith’s era and the scholars of the deo/brlwi era. some of us don’t see the need to know who the scholars were during those other era’s nor do we care who they were.

A lot of us do not even know of any current day sunni scholars of the arab lands and other parts of the world. We just know deobundi and barelwi! If we knew more about the scholars of islam of all times, then when a dispute arose we would be able to check the consensus of the ulama, which will enable us to align with the majority view/opinion.

But sadly, today all we know is barelwi, deobandi or salafi. When a difference of opinion or a dispute arises we refuse to look further than our associates, be it salafi, deobandi or barelwi. We are all human including the scholars. Even though we respect scholars of islam highly, they are not immune to error or mischief.

If we blindly follow every scholar, what happens if such a person deliberately propagates falsehood..?? It is highly unlikely but what happens if this is done.? Can we truly say that we observed caution?

There are many dalaals out there today, if its not chasing after saudi money, then its for political gain or even carrying out a personal agenda which sometimes involves spreading misguidance and mischief. There are many even, out there striving to propagate and promote a particular group, but not for spreading islamic knowledge in general. They only care about the success of that group even if they have to spread falsehood in the process of achieving their goals. Al-I’yadhubillah!

can we take such a risk.?

I have decided to dedicate a whole category to the scholars of islam. Don’t expect to see each and every scholars profile on here but i will do my best to search for info on the scholars of islam from each era, starting with a few current day sunni scholars and going back in time all the way back to the era of Imam Al-Azam Imam Abu Hanifa (RA), Inshallah Azza wa Jal.

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