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Archive for April, 2007

Scholars of Islam

Posted by Abd Al Mustafa on Thursday 26th April, 2007

scholars.jpgThe muslim youth of today are actually starting to educate themselves in the sciences of the Quran and Hadith, but they lack one thing which can be crucial and very benefitting. This is the knowledge of who the scholars of islam were and how much their research and fatwas are worth in importance for the muslims of today.

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Deobandi Blogs

Posted by Abd Al Mustafa on Tuesday 24th April, 2007

I have visited many deobundi blogs, some of which are very informative (those on fiqhi issues) and some are disgraceful. But overall they are all obsessd with one thing and one thing only, which is trying to prove that Imam Ahmad Rida (RA) was wrong in his fatwa on their forefathers & trying to degrade this great character.

If the deobandi elders were so innocent, then why after Read the rest of this entry »

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The annual Tabligh Jamat ijtemas

Posted by Abd Al Mustafa on Sunday 22nd April, 2007

The tablighi’s who are also deobandi hold their ijtema’s annually. They have other gatherings throughout the year but they have this AGM style Ijtema annually. I have never been to one and have no intention of ever going to one and i do not know what goes on at such gatherings (well, i have a fair idea) nor is this post about criticising the ijtema’s in general.

I am however gonna share a few of my observations on how the TJ go about concerning their annual ijtema’s in my home country, Bangladesh. Read the rest of this entry »

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Legality of Raqs (sufi dancing)

Posted by Abd Al Mustafa on Friday 20th April, 2007

sema.gifThe reason for posting this video is simple. I have many videos on my side panel of sufi zikr gatherings. Those that have never come across such events, or those that have been brainwashed will automatically doubt its permissibility and those that simple do not know will confuse themselves over it. so i thought, what would be better than this beautiful lecture on the subject. I do regret that i couldn’t provide a similar lecture in english.

:: Dr Tahirul Qadri (urdu) ::

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Shaykh Nuh’s “mistaken takfir” analysis

Posted by Abd Al Mustafa on Wednesday 18th April, 2007

I truly did not want to even go anywhere near this subject but the deobandi blogs are full of impressions and expressions that a neutral scholar from the arab world has highlighted the fatwa of Imam Ahmad Rida (RA) as a mistake. I have great respect for shaykh nuh and my respect and feelings towards him have not changed in any way after reading his article on the barelwi/deobandi conflict.
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