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Dr Tahirul Qadri

Posted by Abd Al Mustafa on Monday 21st May, 2007

tahirulqadri-islamchannel1.jpgDoctor Qadri is a distinctive Islamic scholar of international repute. He has delivered lectures on almost all major contemporary issues in various national and international conferences, seminars, gatherings and specially organized programs by universities and colleges in all the continents of the World. He has singular distinction of presenting the basic idea of interest free Islamic banking in the presence of a huge gathering at Lahore on October 7, 1992 in response to challenge that contemporary finance and economy can not be run with out interest. more here & here. See Shaykh’s Ijazahs here.

4 Responses to “Dr Tahirul Qadri”

  1. Salam,

    very nice

  2. Qudsiya said

    assalamualiakum…i’m a big follower of Tahirul Qadri.he is the personality that every muslim should follow.his studies about islam and science and also in medical science if think of this than its like oceane.i’m not having words to say about Dr.Tahirul Qadri he thougt us how to live life in this world…….please visit to Belgaum its in Karnataka,India

  3. K said


    Does anyone know of any books written by The Sheikh about building structures/domes over graves?!
    JazakAllah Khaira!

  4. madiha said

    4 my qibla huzur shaikhul islam: “ye jo jan jaeygi tery ishq me
    …..smj lena tera sadqa dy dia….teri nazar utr gai….”

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