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Archive for May, 2007

Shaykh Nuh Ha Mim Keller

Posted by Abd Al Mustafa on Monday 28th May, 2007

[..shaykh nuh was on the right..]

I was raised in a religious family as a Roman Catholic. The Church provided a spiritual world that was unquestionable in my childhood, if anything more real than the physical world around me, but as I grew older, and especially after I entered a Catholic university and read more, my relation to the religion became increasingly called into question, in belief and practice.  [..shaykh nuh, becoming muslim..] more on shaykh nuh here.

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Rare pictures of the blessed resting place of our beloved prophet صلي الله عليه و سلم

Posted by Abd Al Mustafa on Friday 25th May, 2007

I received a magazine last week which reminded me that i should have written about this ages ago. On the cover of this magazine it highlights the issue of pictures of the actual grave of our beloved صلي الله عليه و سلم.

The following two pictures are widely circulated, as being pictures of the blessed resting place of our master sayyidina muhammad صلي الله عليه و سلم , in Al-Madina Ash-Sharif.

rowza-mubarak.jpg This (on the left) is a picture from the 19th century.rooza-i-rasool.jpg




This (on the right) is a picture of the mazar of sufi shaykh Jalal Uddin Rumi (ra)


These two pictures are being passed off as the roza mubarak of our master صلي الله عليه و سلم . Please beware of this deception, as many are making money out of this. Those that genuinely believed it to be what they thought it was should re-evaluate their information and put it right. Inshallah.

Sultan Nuruddin Zanki had built a wall around the three graves in 558AH made out of lead and copper and closed the holy chambers so that no one can have access to it. so, how can there be any camera photos.? or artist pictures as no one has entered the chamber for almost a thousand years.

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Message from shaykh yaqoubi to users

Posted by Abd Al Mustafa on Monday 21st May, 2007


Who is Shaykh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi..??

His lineage goes back to Mawlay Idris al-Anwar who built the city of Fes. Mawlay Idris’ lineage is as follows: He is the son of Mawlay Idris the Great; who is the son of Sayyiduna Abdullah al-Kamil; who is the son of Sayyiduna al-Hasan, the Second; who is the son of Sayyiduna al-Hasan, radiya Allah ‘anhu; who is the grandson of the Prophet, salla Allahu ‘alayhi wa sallam.  [ on..]

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Dr Tahirul Qadri

Posted by Abd Al Mustafa on Monday 21st May, 2007

tahirulqadri-islamchannel1.jpgDoctor Qadri is a distinctive Islamic scholar of international repute. He has delivered lectures on almost all major contemporary issues in various national and international conferences, seminars, gatherings and specially organized programs by universities and colleges in all the continents of the World. He has singular distinction of presenting the basic idea of interest free Islamic banking in the presence of a huge gathering at Lahore on October 7, 1992 in response to challenge that contemporary finance and economy can not be run with out interest. more here & here. See Shaykh’s Ijazahs here.

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Interview with shaykh habib Ali Al-Jifri

Posted by Abd Al Mustafa on Monday 21st May, 2007

habib-ali-al-jifri.jpghabib-ali.jpgShaykh Habib Ali Zain al-Abideen al-Jifri was born into a family of noble lineage extending in an unbroken chain to Imam Hussien, the Grandson of the Prophet (PBUH). Habib Ali is from the majestic city of Tarim in Southern Yemen. Nestled in the ancient valley of Hadramout, Tarim has been a center of learning and spirituality for centuries.Habib Ali received a classical Islamic education from illustrious scholars of Hadramout, embodying a methodology which crystallizes the middle way of Islam, Islamic jurisprudence, a respect for the difference between jurists and a spiritual education drawn from the Qur’an and the Sunnah. read interview here.

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