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Archive for June, 2007

Gateway to Divine Mercy 2007

Posted by Abd Al Mustafa on Friday 29th June, 2007

full details here.

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Jumma Khutba with Shaykh Al-Yaqoubi

Posted by Abd Al Mustafa on Thursday 28th June, 2007

ghamkol-sharifShaykh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi will be delivering the jumma khutba this week at Ghamkol Sharif, Birmingham.

Address: Golden Hillock Road
Small Heath, Birmingham. B10 ODP

The Jumma Prayer Congregation time is 2:15pm with the khutba to begin at Approximately 1:30pm InshAllah. (It would be better to arrive a little early to ensure that people dont miss the talk´s beginning if it is early). Also, if driving it will definitely be better to arrive earlier as i know from my experience it could take up to 20 minutes to find a space if you arrive late, and if that happens you might even miss the jamat while looking for a space.

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History of Mawlid in Makkah

Posted by Abd Al Mustafa on Wednesday 27th June, 2007


shaykh nazim al-haqqani

Each year on the 12th of Rabi` al-Awwal, after the salat al-Maghrib, the four qadis of Makkah (representing the Four Schools) and large groups of people including the fuqaha’ (scholars) and fudala’ (notables) of Makkah, shaykhs, zawiya teachers and their students, ru’asa’ (magistrates), and muta`ammamin (scholars) leave the mosque and set out collectively for a visit to the birthplace of the Prophet, shouting out dhikr and tahlil (LA ILAHA ILLALLAH). The houses on the route are illuminated with numerous lanterns and large candles, and a great many people are out and about. They all wear special clothes and they take their children with them. Having reached the birthplace, inside a special sermon for the occasion of the birthday of the Prophet is delivered, mentioning the miracles (karamat) that took place on that occasion. Hereafter the du`a’ for the Sultan (i.e. the Caliph), the Emir of Makkah, and the Shafi`i qadi is performed and all pray humbly. Shortly before the salat al-`Isha’, the whole party returns from the birthplace of the Prophet to the Great Mosque, which is almost overcrowded, and all sit down in rows at the foot of the Maqam Ibrahim. In the mosque, a preacher first mentions the tahmid (AL HAMDULILLAH) and the tahlil, and once again the du`a’ for the Sultan, the Emir, and the Shafi`i qadi is performed. After this the call for the Salat al-`Isha’ is made. After the salat, the crowd breaks up. A similar description is given by al-Diyarbakri (d. 960) in his Ta’rikh al-Khamis. [ on..] 

see also,The Academic History of the Blessed House of Mawlid An-Nabi (s.a.w).   

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Ignorant Sufi(s)

Posted by Abd Al Mustafa on Thursday 21st June, 2007

Not only are home made scholars a danger to islam, but home made and ignorant sufis are just as dangerous. It is the actions of ignorant sufis that sometimes puts ahlus sunnah under the microscope. And knowing the wahabies, they will be eagerly awaiting a home made sufi to slip up so they can condem all sufis for the actions of a few.

from-sunnirazavi.jpgImam Shah Ahmad Raza Khan Qadiri (may Allah be pleased with him) wrote [Irshadaat e-Alahzarat] that the Saints of Almighty Allah state that an ignorant Sufi is a tool of the Devil. For the same reason, Sayyiduna Rasoolullah (Allah bless him and give him peace) said: “A Faqhi (Aalim) is heavier than a thousand Aabids (Worshippers) upon Shaitaan”. When an ignorant person worships or tries to tread on the path of Sufism, the Devil makes him dance on his finger tips by putting his reins in his mouth, the bridle in the nose and drags him to wherever he desires. The ignorant Sufi thinks that whatever he is doing is correct and excellent. Hazrat Junaid Baghdadi (may Allah be pleased with him) states that his Spiritual Master, Shaikh Sari Saqti (may Allah be pleased with him) prayed in the following words: “May Allah first make you a Muhaddith (Scholar of Hadith) then a Sufi and not firstly a Sufi then a Muhaddith.”  [ on..]

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Deobundi mufties and ‘Mawlid’

Posted by Abd Al Mustafa on Wednesday 13th June, 2007

A deobundi mufti says; Mawlid in itself is permitted however due to the way it is practiced normally today one should avoid Mawlid gatherings.  i wonder what he means by “the way it is practiced today“..?? it would’ve been more understandable if he gave a few examples.

what a lame excuse for a mufti. I’m sure i read somewhere where it gave a reference to ibn abidin (i think), where it has been stated, when asked about visiting the graves of the awliya even though a lot of people are committing a lot of unjust practices there that “you should not stop/avoid visiting the graves becoz others are committing impermissible acts there”. we could safely take that to mean ,we should continue to visit the graves in the manner according to the shariah and should not stop becoz others are doing it in an unacceptable way. **But according to the deobandi (madhaab) if a few/minority of muslims are practicing something in an unacceptable way, then the whole ummah should avoid/abandon the practice and brand it as haram and so forth, in order to observe caution.** Read the rest of this entry »

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