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Archive for June 3rd, 2007

Oh my beautiful Sylhet! baba Shah Jalal’s Sylhet

Posted by Abd Al Mustafa on Sunday 3rd June, 2007

“Oh! my beautiful Sylhet! baba Shah Jalal’s Sylhet” is a saying, a song and a thought held by not only sylhetis but sunni muslims all over bangladesh. Sylhet is the place of my birth and i can truly say, “it is the place i yearn for most after the haramain sharifain

The sufi saint Hazrat Sayyiduna Shah Jalal Mujarrad Al-Yemeni  (RA) better known as shah jalal conquered sylhet and propagated Islam to such an extent that it reached almost every home in bangladesh. Today 90% of the population is muslim. The story of his advent is beautiful and very miraculous. I shall post in some info regarding this later. below is a video of the great wali’s mazar and the area surrounding it.

special thanx to shaykh ainul huda of NY for this. Jazakallahu Khayr

The Bangladeshi wahabies always rant on about how at the mazar of these famous saints, muslims are always worshipping them and their graves etc etc. This video proves what liars such payroll molvies are..?? I can’t see any grave worshipping, can anyone else.??

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