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Ghamkol Sharif no longer open 24hrs!

Posted by Abd Al Mustafa on Tuesday 5th June, 2007

ghamkol-sharif.jpgI was shocked last week, when i turned up at ghamkol sharif (b’ham’s only masjid to be kept open 24hrs) at 0230hrs to find the gate padlocked. I hadn’t performed my Isha prayer yet and calculated that by the time i reached home it would be fajr time already and as i was just passing ghamkol sharif i thought i’d turn in. Two brothers were walking up and down the car park (exercising their legs), i realised something was up when they showed no emotion as i drove up to the gate and realising it was locked reversing back out.

I parked on the otherside of the road and walked up to the gates and walked along to see if the other gates were open. At that point one of the brothers walked up towards me and asked if i was alright. strange!! i thought. I want to enter the masjid, no one has asked this before as i often turn up there at those hours. “how do i get in?” i asked. The committe have decided not to keep the masjid open after Isha from now on, the brother replied.

Fair enough, i hit the gas and luckily enough i managed to do the four rakat fardh before the time expired and the witr half in time and half over time…………..if anyone has any latest info, plz update us.


11 Responses to “Ghamkol Sharif no longer open 24hrs!”

  1. concernd said

    There is always reason for something, its probably just temp caution,.

  2. umar said

    i reccently found out that a fight happened beetween the gudwara and the mosque comitee.

    the reason of the fight was because a sikh girl converted to islam(subhanallah)

    • Abdul-hasib said

      Sallam bro, actually i have a good sikh freind that used to be in the same class as me during school days, (i see him sometimes) his dad is the gani(leader) in the temple.
      im going to ask him if he knows anything about it inshallah. (i know his dad as well)

  3. yusuf said

    can any one help me does ghamkol sharif or any sufi mosque in london do marraige events for english reverts?

    [Abd Al Mustafa] – if they do marriage events, i’m sure it is available to everyone regardless of whether they are reverts or converts. plz approach any of the named mosques and simply ask. if i find out anything i’ll keep u informed, but do not just wait for me. inshallah!

  4. Kam said

    The Ghamkol Sharif is not closed after Isha due to a disagreement with the neighbors of any kind. It is closed simply for overnight security. Unfortunately we live in a day and age where even mosques/churches are no longer safe from crime/vandalism, so necessary precautions have had to be made after a number of incidents. Unfortunately they don’t have volunteers who can guard the mosque at night time or have the excess resources as to provide additional security overnight. Mashallah the site is very big, so would need a few people to cover the premises in full, however the mosque doesn’t get that many overnight visitors/users to warranty such an additional expense being incurred by the community as a whole who support the mosque.

    [Abd Al Mustafa] – Jazakallah, thnx for clearing that up.

  5. Imran said

    Ghamkol Sharif mosque in small heath birmingham is opened 24hrs

  6. Hannah said


    What kind of Islam is practised in this mosque? It says sunni but can you specify? Is the fiqh Hanafi or other?

  7. Asif mehmood ch said

    I be proud my self i am touched with aoulia allah.ghamkol sharif is well known by every one not in pakistan but also in the world.if u want to see reall islam then must vist come and see how jam e wahadat is being delivered and none muslims accepting islam.i love ghamkol sharif i love islam and muslim of the world

  8. haleem aslam said

    The mosque is now open 24hours a day, i know this because i live in the area and am often there late in the night Alhamdulillah. The gate is closed and the metal slid through but the padlock is not put on. The gate is closed simple 2 keep it in place and you can open it at any time. It may have been closed temporarily.

  9. raja amir said

    brother.i live in gujrat pakistan.i goes to GHAMKOL SHARIF kohat pak every month becuase in GHAMKOLsharif when i gone i hear GOD ZIKAR loudly even i goes many time in 12to 3 a:m i always hear ALLAH zikar . i suggest to all brothers to just visit 1 time this spiritual place when u came pakistan.i promiss u then u admit this thing.

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