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  • June 2007
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Deobundi mufties and ‘Mawlid’

Posted by Abd Al Mustafa on Wednesday 13th June, 2007

A deobundi mufti says; Mawlid in itself is permitted however due to the way it is practiced normally today one should avoid Mawlid gatherings.  i wonder what he means by “the way it is practiced today“..?? it would’ve been more understandable if he gave a few examples.

what a lame excuse for a mufti. I’m sure i read somewhere where it gave a reference to ibn abidin (i think), where it has been stated, when asked about visiting the graves of the awliya even though a lot of people are committing a lot of unjust practices there that “you should not stop/avoid visiting the graves becoz others are committing impermissible acts there”. we could safely take that to mean ,we should continue to visit the graves in the manner according to the shariah and should not stop becoz others are doing it in an unacceptable way. **But according to the deobandi (madhaab) if a few/minority of muslims are practicing something in an unacceptable way, then the whole ummah should avoid/abandon the practice and brand it as haram and so forth, in order to observe caution.**

if the (ibn abidin) fatwa is reliable, does this or can this not be applied to the mawlid gatherings.? nevertheless, what this mufti is trying to say but does not have the bottle to say it straight out is this “the great deobandi gurus have said that mawlid is not allowed or should not be practiced anymore, so we cannot go against that ruling if we are to keep any sort of relation with the deobandi school ie, if we are to call ourselves deobundies. Or it would be an insult for a modern day deobandi to give a fatwa contrary to deobandi elders, or that we are not allowed to give a fatwa contrary to deobandi elders, if we do our deobandi associates will blacklist us, or simply deoband is a madhaab and this is the ruling of our madhab”. infact, these mufties will go to great lengths to find a way to justify and implement the rulings of deobandi mufties and their 100 yr old fatwas into today’s society. Why not simple come straight out with it??

This whole business about “the way it is practiced today” originated from the famous apologetic Al-Muhannad which was the biggest deobandi cover up and the basis of deobandi fiqh since being published. It was emphasised in the book that in those days certain people were practicing mawlid and committing impermissible acts at such gatherings and it was those gatherings that deobandi mufties were prohibiting and not mawlid in general.

So, when words such as “the way it is practiced today” are used in todays society, it is nothing more than a corruption of the truth. those words are from a book that was written almost a century ago, and are still even today being copy & pasted into deobandi fatwas.

The grand mufti of all time deobandi mufties when asked about this stated;

‘‘Q: Is it correct to conduct a Mawlud Majlis that is free of Qiyam (standing up at time of birth) and is celebrated according to the sound tradition?
A: Conducting a Mawlud Majlis in ‘all states’ is not allowed since inviting people for a desirable practice is abandoned. End of fatwa’’ Shaykh Rasheed Ahmad Gongohi says in his Fatawa Rasheediya.

Another deobandi mufti says that;  the reality of the subcontinent is quite different than other countries and thus meaningless generalizations cannot be made nor can such rulings be applied to all people. He made this remark specifically in reply to my question that many non-Deobandi brothers get agitated when such rulings are thrust on them. Yet, he maintained that the people in the subcontinent had fell into a type of extremism, but did not agree on passing such irrational judgments over others of this ummah.

The sad fact is that every sunni group on earth allows this blessed practice and eagerly practices it, except the deobandi. When asked why continue to prohibit it.? when such impermissible acts are no longer present at such gatherings, and that the original deobandi fatwa was aimed towards the ignorant layman public who committed haram acts in the name of good and it was not the practice of the knowledgeable and especially those outside the region and it was not a fatwa prohibiting mawlid in general, and the fact that it was a majority practice amongst the sunnis. one deobandi mufti when asked another question and the fact that it was the majority practice replied; Allah condemns Kufr whereas the majority of the world is in Kufr. Will that make Kufr correct? sadly, this mufti failed to comprehend that we are addressing muslims here and not the majority of the people on this earth.

whatever happened to the many ahadith that state; when in doubt adhere/hold fast to the majority of the muslims or the largest group of muslims.

Back to our original mufti, when asked about the majority opinion issue he totally dismissed the idea that deobandies opted towards the minority opinion on such matters. Anyway, a leading deobandi mufti when asked about the moonsighting problem faced by muslims living in the west, he emphasised that seeing as there was scope in the shariah to follow saudi moonsightings therefore if it was a majority practice to follow saudi decisions, then it would be inappropriate to follow morocco sightings (if it was a minority practice) moving away from the majority and being a source of confict. see full fatwa here.

further related reading here.

One Response to “Deobundi mufties and ‘Mawlid’”

  1. dhakir said

    my local masjids and ‘alims are mainly affilated with deoband, on asking about mawlids, i have been told that its fine to go to, except for when people make it such a celebration like ‘eid, have music, and mixing among the sexes. i dont know where this wahabbi thing comes from, just because deobandis dont belive that the prophet s.a.w is omnipresent…they do believe he is alive in his grave, even though people say they dont.deobandis from my experience are just followers of the hanafi madhab, ashari or maturidi aqeeda..generally maturidi, and many of the sufi tariqas, generally the 4 main ones. they disagree with wahabbi practices, as imsure most sunnis are.i find it daft this whole deo.barelvi stuff, i think all followers of islam, especially the ones that follow madhabs should be cautious and loving to each other, and one day this religion and its correct practice…ie…following a madhab maybe succesful in becoming the largest/onlyfaith in the world.

    [Abd Al Mustafa] – there we go again, music at mawlids and free mixing of sexes. trouble makers! what they mentioned totally does not exist. if u had read what is written above, u wud not have posted this comment…..if u do not know where this wahabi thing came from, then u shud ask and find out. following a madhaab does not automatically qualify one to be of the ahlus sunnah. I’m not saying that all deoz are wahabi but the deoz have proved that u can follow a madhaab and be a wahabi too. However, It is high time that the contemporary ulama from both camps got together and sorted out their differences. I cud go on for longer on this but it will only fall on deaf ears, i mean these deobandies look what they are doing about the moonsighting issue in UK. some deo brothers are striving to get the muslims to follow the sunnah way, and on the other hand the majority of deo mullahs are following the misguided saudi way. A self-invented way!

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