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Ignorant Sufi(s)

Posted by Abd Al Mustafa on Thursday 21st June, 2007

Not only are home made scholars a danger to islam, but home made and ignorant sufis are just as dangerous. It is the actions of ignorant sufis that sometimes puts ahlus sunnah under the microscope. And knowing the wahabies, they will be eagerly awaiting a home made sufi to slip up so they can condem all sufis for the actions of a few.

from-sunnirazavi.jpgImam Shah Ahmad Raza Khan Qadiri (may Allah be pleased with him) wrote [Irshadaat e-Alahzarat] that the Saints of Almighty Allah state that an ignorant Sufi is a tool of the Devil. For the same reason, Sayyiduna Rasoolullah (Allah bless him and give him peace) said: “A Faqhi (Aalim) is heavier than a thousand Aabids (Worshippers) upon Shaitaan”. When an ignorant person worships or tries to tread on the path of Sufism, the Devil makes him dance on his finger tips by putting his reins in his mouth, the bridle in the nose and drags him to wherever he desires. The ignorant Sufi thinks that whatever he is doing is correct and excellent. Hazrat Junaid Baghdadi (may Allah be pleased with him) states that his Spiritual Master, Shaikh Sari Saqti (may Allah be pleased with him) prayed in the following words: “May Allah first make you a Muhaddith (Scholar of Hadith) then a Sufi and not firstly a Sufi then a Muhaddith.”  [ on..]

One Response to “Ignorant Sufi(s)”

  1. Azzam Qadiri said

    Asalamu Alaykum,

    ****** your comments have been censored ***************

    And Allah Knows Best,

    Wasalamu Alaykum,
    Muhammad Azzam ******
    Murid of Imam *********** (Hafidhullah)

    Abd Al Mustafa: I have had a lot of anti-**** comments posted on my blog, but have not allowed them to be published so i think it is only fair to censor your comments too. however, i feel that your comments are nothing but repulsive and offensive. let’s leave the disputes to the ulema and learn to not hold personal grudges and carry out personal attacks. PERSONAL ATTACKS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

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