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Archive for June, 2007

The door to door service

Posted by Abd Al Mustafa on Wednesday 13th June, 2007

Today, after many months i had a knock on the door from our dear tablighi brothers. I was surprised, coz by not seeing them all winter i thought they had disappeared into thin air or!

Anyway, after exchanging salaams Read the rest of this entry »

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Posted by Abd Al Mustafa on Wednesday 13th June, 2007

Abu Dawud : Book 28 : Number 3884

Amr Ibn Shu’aib RadhiAllahu ‘anhu says,  

RasoolAllah (Sallallahu’ alaihi wa sallam) taught my Father and grandFather a Du’a which we would read before going to sleep, to protect us from fear and anguish.  We told our elder children to recite this Du’a before going to sleep as well.  But for those children who were not yet literate, we would write it and then put it around their necks.

This shows that it is perfectly ok to wear an amulet as long as it is of an Islamic nature & in accordance to Islamic shariah.

There are numerous hadith where sayyidina rasoolullah (saw) has instructed muslims not to use them, but Read the rest of this entry »

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Deobandi Blogs..2

Posted by Abd Al Mustafa on Tuesday 12th June, 2007

alahazratdome3f.jpgdesperate deobandi teashop bloggers

The only thing that matters (to the above mentioned) is trying to prove Imam Ahmad Rida’s (RA) fatwa of takfir was wrong and the deobandi elders were innocent of the accusations thrown at them (which if it were true, according to deobandis would automatically mean that their elders are/were haq and their blind following of them regardless…….is justified).

Latest wave of deobandi Read the rest of this entry »

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Sunni Muslims everywhere practice mawlid

Posted by Abd Al Mustafa on Sunday 10th June, 2007

Alhamdulillah! sunni muslims all over the world practice the mawlid in the same way. here is a clip of a mawlid gathering in a place i never knew existed.

Mawlid in the Island of Lamu, off the east coast of Africa.

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miseries of a tableeghi’s wife

Posted by Abd Al Mustafa on Saturday 9th June, 2007

He does not practice as a doctor anymore. He is giving every minute of his time to the Jamaat. I had to find work to support my two children. And for this effort of mine, I was beaten up badly AGAIN! He said that there is NO need for me to work, as we must have our faith and “tawakkul” on Allah, and Allah will provide us with food! That’s what his “Hazrat” told him. [ on..]

I must say, there are some things said in this article which i clearly do not agree with it being published, but can also see that it was coming from a very angry person.

A Brother from SA says; ……………when this lady wrote this letter…she was understandbly angry also note from the above letter you can see that her knowledge of Islam was limited however her anger was correctly directed at the jamaat that turned her  kind compassionate husband into a wife beater…

The above story is one of a woman who was brave enough to speak out…….there are thousands of others like her who live under oppression…….I dont remember learning about Islam……..where men left wives, children & other family members for 1 year + …….travelled the world & came back home & said they went out in the path of Allah (not for Jihad) but they went house to house knocking on doors & saying that Our Beloved s.a.w. is dead (Naoozibillah) & then you hear people saying…….”.Oh Look At So & So…….What a sacrifice he made……he went out in the path of Allah for one year….no family….no frends…….what an example for the youth”……..All that is nonsense!! & while everyone is praising him…..they automatically forget about his wife…children & what they must have gone through for the past year without a father & husband.

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