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    view of al-ka'ba from the roof hajj 1428

    the old building of madina

    masjid al-jirana

    masjid al-bayah

    green dome b4 fajr

    green dome be4 fajr

    The old qibla

    a minaret beside the green dome

    the green dome

    view of the green dome

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Global Qibla Day

Posted by Abd Al Mustafa on Monday 16th July, 2007

something i learned of only today 

tahirulqadri-islamchannel2.jpgOn May 28th @ 10:18 am GMT & July 16th 10:26 the sun stands directly above the Ka’ba sharif. One who turns his face towards the sun at that time, will be facing the direction of the Ka’ba Sharif (the qibla). In this way qibla direction can be easily determined. see here and here. On this calendar service the previously named dates are labelled as “World Qibla Day“. Amazing! like they say ‘you learn something new everyday’.


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