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Eid Mubarak!!

Posted by Abd Al Mustafa on Thursday 11th October, 2007


Muhammad Afifi al-Akiti (MCW member) from Oxford, UK, reported: (crescent moon of shawwal) Not Seen Negative sighting.

The two of us attempted to perform the obligatory sighting tonight for the UK on 29 Ramadan or Thursday, 11th of October, after Maghrib prayers–in spite of the fact that the crescent is not expected to be visible locally. The local horizon is partly cloudy. We received reports of negative sightings from Morocco, Indonesia and Malaysia tonight. The authorities in Malaysia and Indonesia have declared that the month of Ramadan is to complete its 30 days. There is no news of positive sightings tonight anywhere East to our longitude, which means that those in the UK should try to complete the month of Ramadan with the Tarawih tonight, and that the first day of ‘Id al-Fitr should fall on Saturday, 13th of October. ‘Id Mubarak!

….news has come that Saudis announced Eid to be on Friday, Oct 12. Of course, it is impossible to see the moon in Saudi Arabia on Thursday.LOL!!!

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