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Qadi Yusuf An-Nabahani (ra)

Posted by Abd Al Mustafa on Wednesday 14th November, 2007

qadi yusuf nabahani“I am the faqîr Yûsuf ibn Ismâ`îl ibn Yûsuf ibn Ismâ`îl ibn Muh.ammad Nâ al-Dîn al-Nabhânî. We go back to the Banû Nabhân, an Arab desert folk who settled of old in the town of Ijzim1 North of the Holy sites in the land of  Palestine, presently part of the district (qad.â’) of H.aifa in `Akka, province of Beirut. I was born in Ijzim in 1265/1849 approximately……[read on]


One Response to “Qadi Yusuf An-Nabahani (ra)”

  1. Yusuf Nabahani said

    my comment is i just want you to send me the full history of sheikh and qadi yusuf an-nabhani through

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