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sunnis get airtime on ‘IslamChannel’

Posted by Abd Al Mustafa on Tuesday 4th December, 2007


4 Responses to “sunnis get airtime on ‘IslamChannel’”

  1. Merazul said

    Assalamu Alaikum,

    Islam Channel do indeed have a traditional Ahle Sunnah Ulema on the channel. But, if they were serious about representing the whole ummah, why in the world is the programme on at 10:30 at night, and why isnt it promoted more. We don’t always want to know about all the asian claim companies.

    You have to ponder as to why they have made such a decision. Perphaps thet want to fool all the innocent sunnis into watching the channel, and then get brainwashed by Abooo Hanifaaaah and co. Well if they really want “Unity” as they claim, they can start by give Shaykh Tahir Ul Qadri a slot at at peak times (7-9pm).

    [Abd Al Mustafa] – actually the programme does not even come on at the advertised time nor on a regular basis. it’s only on when the channel can’t find anything else to fill the slot………..another funny thing is how they call it the Global Peace & Unity Event, but the scholars who they invite to speak are all najdi (la madhaabi, so-called salafiyyah)……..i can’t believe they missed that bit!.

  2. Mujaddidi said

    Assalamu Alaikum,

    True sunnis follow the sunnah……….

    [Abd Al Mustafa] – jazakallah khayr for your comment. i wud luv to publish your comment but due to it containing personal attacks on the shaykh, i have to censor it for now. wassalaam,

  3. imran said

    ” Mujaddidi Says:
    December 5, 2007 at 2:29 pm
    Assalamu Alaikum,

    True sunnis follow the sunnah………”.

    They should also follow the inner sunnah of husn e zann and not judge and insult on a whim!

  4. Anise said

    At the Peace, Love and Unity 2007 Event, Imam Zaid Shakir was a guest speaker and he is NOT a Najdi! He is a marvelous Sunni Scholar. He is the co-founder of the Zaytuna Institute with Sheikh Hamza Yusuf.

    [Abd Al Mustafa] – jazakallah for your comment but what are you getting at..?? Inshallah we should expect to see shaykh hamza yusuf next year!

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