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  • April 2008
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Grand Mawlid with Shaykh Hamza Yusuf

Posted by Abd Al Mustafa on Monday 7th April, 2008

The best mawlid gathering i have been to in many years, and i have been to many mawlids throughout the UK and some at non-uk locations too but after a long time it actually felt like i was at a mawlid, praising the beloved (saw) and thinking about him (saw), hearing about him and praying for him (saw). It was a spiritual treat, i actually felt something in my heart. O’ Allah show me your beloved (saw) and our beloved (saw) in my dreams, i have gained an urge to see him (saw) so vast that it is unexplainable. Ya Allah! Ya RasulAllah!

I love the mawlid al-barzanji, i had never gone throught the whole of it before. truly, it is amazing and most of all beautiful! you can get it from here.

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