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Hadith of Adam tawassul through the Prophet (saw)

Posted by Abd Al Mustafa on Friday 29th August, 2008

The prophet (saw) said: “When Adam committed the sin (mistake) he made, he raised his head toward the Throne and said: ‘I am asking You by the right of Muhammad (saw) to forgive me.’ Allah Most High revealed to him:

‘What is Muhammad? Who is Muhammad?’ 

He replied: ‘Glorified be Your Name! When You created me I raised my head toward Your Throne and saw there was written on it: LA ILAHA ILLALLAH MUHAMMADUN RASULULLAH. I knew that there was no one more magnificent in Your sight than him whose name You placed next to Your Name.

Allah Most High revealed to him: ‘O Adam, truly He is the last of the Prophets from your seed and his Community are the last of all Communities from your seed. Were it not for him, O Adam, I would not have created you.’”    read full here.


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