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Muslim Unity – Can it be Achieved..?

Posted by Abd Al Mustafa on Sunday 25th January, 2009

Unity doesn’t mean all following one centre. It means the existence of an Ummah with many centres, which accept each other’s existence, and tolerate each other. But while there are many centres, there is a real love for the Muslims among these different groups, and a love for the Ummah. Unity won’t come from the competition of different groups, but from all the different groups learning to accept and tolerate each other.

A model of how this was done in the past is the Sufi Tariqas. Each group was separate, and had its own rules of membership and beliefs. But these tariqas were all able to exist alongside each other and accept each others right to exist. And when it was necessary, all the different members of the Tariqas could come together and cooperate in, for example, military operations in defence of the Muslim Community to which they all belonged  [… read on …]


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