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Kissing and touching graves

Posted by Abd Al Mustafa on Thursday 29th January, 2009

Though permissible according to some scholars, Imam Ahmed Rada disliked the practice in his Fatawa, in accordance with the soundest position.

He states: “there are diverse opinions amongst the scholars regarding kissing graves. It is an act which lies between two things: something that allows the practice: love and something that disallows it: ‘adab’ respect. Hence, the one who does it through overwhelming love is not criticized because this act is proven from the sahabah. Though, it is better for the general public to be precautious. Our scholars have explicitly stated that one should stand at least four feet away from the grave, so how would one kiss it!?” (Fatwa Ridhwiyah, 9:528)

One Response to “Kissing and touching graves”

  1. I said

    It is narrated that Ibn Abi Saiyf and Muhibb Tabari allowed kissing the graves of pious �saliheen�. Similarly, it is narrated from Isma�el Timi that whenever al-Minkdar (tabi�i) was afflicted with an illness in his mouth, he used to rub his cheek on the Prophet�s grave. Somebody objected on this practice to which he replied: �I seek cure from this�. (Wafa al-Wafa 4:1406)

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