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A return to purity in creed

Posted by Abd Al Mustafa on Tuesday 7th April, 2009


Know that the unequivocal truth, over which there is no dispute between those possessing inner discernment, is [in] the approach of the Salaf (madhhab al-Salaf)—meaning the approach of the Companions and the Successors. Now, let me illustrate that along with its proofs, I proceed.

The reality of the approach of the Salaf—which is the truth in our view—is that any layperson who confronts one of these controversial ambiguous Hadiths is obliged to conform to seven matters: [1] Exoneration; [2] Affirmation; [3] Acknowledgement of one’s inability; [4] Silence; [5] Abstinence; [6] Restraint; and then [7] Yielding to the People of Knowledge.

Abstaining From Meddling with the Stated Words (al-Imsak)

This is an obligation for the general masses to confine themselves to the words of these reports and to abstainfrom meddling with them in six different ways: [1] By explaining (tafsir); [2] By interpreting figuratively (ta’wil); [3] By altering (tasrif); [4] By making logical assumptions (tafri’) [5] By joining what is separated (jam’), and [6] By separating what is joined together (tafriq).


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