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The April’s Fool “boogy man”

Posted by Abd Al Mustafa on Tuesday 7th April, 2009

Muslims are circulating a fabrication on the Internet trying to claim things which can easily be proven incorrect by Christians and non-Muslims who rejoice in watching us play the part of Everyday Fools.

The most recent story says that Christians could not conquer the Muslims there and sent spies to discover why. According to the story, they found that the Muslims there were on the ‘Taqwah’ (God Fearing and Pious) of Islam. Then the story says the Christians sent in alcohol and cigarettes which the Muslims used and lost their ‘Taqwah’ and then the Christians defeated the Muslims on April first and began celebrating ‘April Fool’s Day’ ever since. This story is not correct in many aspects.

One Response to “The April’s Fool “boogy man””

  1. here are some of the stories i’ve heard on the topic and even from some ulama.

    1. muslims were locked in, while performing congregational prayer at the masjids and burnt alive(the masjids were set on fire).

    2. the christians laughed “what fools”.

    3. those that survived or were not at the masjid (ie.the women and children) were told to get onto ships and leave the land. but the kuffar king made holes in the ships so that when the ships were many miles away from land they would start sinking. All muslims on the ships drowned.

    4. to mark this which happened in april, they are still celebrating this event as april’s fools day.????

    it would be interesting to see what other stories are out there.

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