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What is Hadra.?

Posted by Abd Al Mustafa on Wednesday 6th May, 2009

Until recent years the hadra was totally alien to the muslims of the sub-continent. When students from the region were starting to travel to the mid-east to sit with the ulama of the arab world, they at one point or other were witnesses to something which they had no knowledge of. Thus, getting confused about how this singing and dancing could have anything to do with islam.

Shaykh Nuh Ha Mim Keller writes;  I was one of those who asked our sheikh about the relation of the hadra to the shari‘a or “Sacred Law” which is the guiding light of our tariqa. As Muslims, our submission to the law is total, and there are no thoughts or opinions after legally answering the question “Does the hadra agree with orthodox Islam?


see also; the legality of raqs  and this and The Whirling Dervishes


2 Responses to “What is Hadra.?”

  1. hassen said

    refer surah 7 verse 205

    • Jazakaumullah Khair. Thanx for the input and we all accept what is said in the blessed verse. using literal interpretations to make or impose a ruling in islam is very dangerous. However, this verse does not imply what u are thinking or trying to imply.

      if you read the verses before and after 205, it will be clear that allah is advising about when the quran is being recited and especially during salah.

      you are right in your thinking of loud dhikr, however when students of and people close to a certain sufi shaykh get together with their shaykh and practice this form of dhikr in a private gathering, then you and i have no place to object.

      wallahu Alam bi sawab, wa billahi tawfiq wal hidayah

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