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Rabiul Awwal message from Shaykh Muhammad Al-Yaqoubi

Posted by Abd Al Mustafa on Thursday 24th January, 2013

shaykhDear Brothers and sisters,

The universe is celebrating the Birth of the Master of the World, the Final Messenger, the Beloved of Allah, Prophet Muhammad Prayers and Salutations be upon him and his pure Family.

For us, he is the lantern of guidance, the source of happiness, the hope for survival, the channel of Divine Mercy. He is our model in this life and our intercessor in the other.

In this blessed month of Rabi’, we hope that our love for him is re-born in our hearts and our yearning for his vision is triggered in our souls, and the determination to follow his sunna is made firm.

I pray that everyone who receives this message get to see the Prophet Salla Allah-u ‘alayhi wasallam in his or her dream; but to reach that I want you all to mention him always and to feel that you miss him and that you eagerly want to see his blessed holy face.
I pray that Allah Almighty, out of His Bounty, bring you with this occasion all happiness and prosperity to that He bring relief and victory to the Syrian people and to all the people who are suffering around the world……..[fragrant message]

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