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A 28 day Ramadan

Posted by Abd Al Mustafa on Saturday 28th December, 2013

I ought to have posted this months ago but it seems to have been lost in transition somewhat.

Alhamdulillah! 2013 saw muslims in the UK start Ramadan on oneday. Some of us optimistic ones immediately imagined an image in our minds of muslims ending ramadan and celebrating eid on one day in unity. It was later heard of that in the saudi region where mr annonymous usually makes a claim of sighting the new hilal even when the new moon hadn’t yet been born had experience such bad weather that if anyone were to make any such claim on that day, the masses would have hamstrung him. so there was no real unity, it was just a co-incidence that it rained in saudi that day.

Unfortunately, as the month progressed rumours emerged from saudi claiming that they should have started ramadan according to the pre-calculated saudi calendar and that they made a mistake by delaying the start of ramadan. And accordingly after 28 fasts the officials announced to the people in saudi to go out after completion of 28 fasts to look for the new hilal. did they expect to actually see the moon when it hadn’t yet been born..?? what utter stupidity??

Obviously no moon was visible. It was clear that the government had decided to call the 28th their 29th, making way for eid to fall on a date that matches their pre-calculated calendar. because after that, the actual 29th would be their 30th at which point no need to look for the moon as the month cannot be more than 30 days. And so in the west eid was once again split.

So, if they decided to accept the day before they actually started ramadan as part of ramadan should they then not make up that fast.?? but did they??

To think that people, scholars, imams, muslim activists etc etc in the UK see and hear about this but do not realise that something somewhere is going south. I canot comprehend this. what’s going on..????? And those who actually don’t know need to pull their finger out. At times of fitna, silence is the work of shaytan.

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