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Solar eclipse proves saudi calendar wrong

Posted by Abd Al Mustafa on Saturday 28th December, 2013

verily, in the heavens and in the earth are signs for those who believe…Al-Qur’an

solar eclipse muharramOn Sunday 3rd November 2013 there was a total solar eclipse in Africa and a partial one in the Middle East, where many thousands of people witnessed the birth of the moon by the human eye, without relying on astronomical calculations. It is well understood by the astronomy experts that the visibility of the moon is not possible in the same evening when there is a solar eclipse, as the moon is still in the hidden phase, called Mahaq in Arabic.

The Saudi Ummul Qura calendar started the lunar month from the same evening as the solar eclipse, since the condition of the criteria (i.e. moon set after sunset on Makkah horizon) was satisfied, even though the moon was impossible to be visible to the human eye under any circumstances. This incident proved beyond any doubt that the Saudi Ummul Qura calendar does not match the visibility of the moon, which has been falsely promoted as a religious calendar by some people in the UK and abroad due to their lack of understandings in these technical matters….read on


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